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Thank you for booking your appointment. 
I'm looking forward to meeting you!

I get it, I know that visiting a new salon may feel a little intimidating, especially if you're unsure of what to expect. To help make sure your first visit is as seamless and comfortable for you as possible I have compiled some helpful information to share with you.

Pre Visit

You'll recieve a text/email reminder confirmation 72 hours before your upcoming appointment. Please be sure to confirm so I know you will be coming.

You can check and make changes to your upcoming appointment by logging into your account at



Another appointment reminder will be sent 24 hours before your appointment, no action is needed on this reminder unless you need to cancel or reschedule.

Have a question? Email me at

Texting at Cafe

Come Prepared

A picture is worth a thousand words........

Before coming to your appointment, I suggest going to Pinterest, or even my Instagram for inspiration photos.  Feel free to pick a couple of colors/styles you like and even a couple of colors/styles you don't like.

Come as you typically style.....

Whether you air dry your hair, do a full head of curls everyday, or a blow-dry style your hair (no more than 3 day old hair).  This is best so i can see how you wear it so i can place color strategically or help yu with styling and product suggestions.  

Dress for comfort......

I am all about relaxation here.  I want you to feel 100% comfortable while getting your hair done. 

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